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My 2013 Spyder GS-SM5 mods.
Cal Sci medium clear windshield Trunk opening spring Seal Floorboards R-35 Hard sided Saddlebags 2013 Can-Am Spyder ST Limited Embroidered Stock Seat BRP Passenger backrest and rack side mirrors Motocentric Cruiser Tool Bag for handlebar bag
What is a Can-Am Spyder?
It is a three wheeled Roadster that requires a motorcycle license in most states.

It is sold by BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products) of Canada. The design comes from their snow mobiles. The power comes from the 998cc Rotax V-twin engine, liquid-cooled with electronic fuel injection and electronic throttle control, Power 106 hp (79 KW) @ 8500 RPM and Torque 77 lb.-ft. (104 Nm) @ 6250 RPM).

For me the important thing about the BRP Can-Am Spyder is the fun you get from riding one. Mine is currently a 2013 Pure Magnesium RS-SM5. When I got my 2009 I felt the need to sit more upright and needed to put my feet in a different position for a greater feeling of stability. This has not changed with the 2013. The stock setup is leaning forward with my knees bent and my feet slightly back under me. For me this results in my placing too much pressure on my arms causing me to not be able to use the light touch the Spyder needs. I also felt I had little support in corners and curves since I could not support myself with my feet. So I decided to add some modifications. I had 4" HeliBars® Handlebar Risers to go along with the 1" BRP riser on my 2009 but they won't fit the 2013. So I am looking for a replacement riser. I moved the Seal Floorboards from my 2009 and added the shifter since the 2013 is manual. They provide a place for my feet to push against the side forces giving me a much better feeling of stability. I rode a two wheeler for many years and was always concerned with slow turns and bad roads or sand and trash on the road allowing the wheels to slide out from under me. With the three wheeled Spyder I no longer am concerned about the wheels sliding out from under me.
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